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Laycon – God Body (ft. A-Q) Lyrics

Laycon – God Body (ft. A-Q) Lyrics

Laycon – God Body (ft. A-Q) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Laycon]

Listen good, this is God talking

Talk about designers, I’m the God model

God speed so the movement everlasting

God seed so every girl around me here will stay fertile

Tell me who you think I look like, nobody

Tell me who you think I sound like, everybody

This is me being a part of you and everyone a part of me

Fuck it, if it’s all the same, I’m proud of me

God is me and I am Him

This is revelation for beginners

This is flow to walk on water, that’s a word to Jesus

I wouldn’t say nobody saw me coming

You all did but you ignorеd

The flow sick, the drip is Lord, the glow stick, thе light is yours, the holy key to heavy doors

Opportunity knocks only when you’re closing doors

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Flesh and blood became words

Ideas, metaphors, fantasies became a legacy

I’m only gon’ be legendary

Hey, I’m on the throne with a white beard

Looking at me, this is Zeus, this is Jupiter, living in me

Two devils on my shoulders cause the angels in me

I am a god in a human body

[Verse 2: A-Q]

I am that I am, most high, always close by

Alpha and omega yahweh, Jah Jehova

Say me a prayer I move in a direction to kill

The silence of the LAMB, the last cypher made me mills

The passion the Christ, I’ve been passing up on deals

A dance with the devil I move faster on my heels

Feels like judgement day, I’ve been asking God to grant appeals

Been a god MC before NAS had mass appeal

Holy mother of God, tell me have you seen her

The price of success your own peeps will try to kill ya

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A kiss on the cheek to signify you’re familiar

A kiss on the cheek is worth 30 pieces of silver

The sleeping giant never slumbers

Flow like the NIN, know they link it with the numbers

Commas after commas cutting corners after corners

If money’s the root of evil I’m propagating with the flowers

Y’all trash and I’m back to clean house

Those Instagram views don’t add up to stream counts

All that streaming don’t wash up on the banks

Offshore or onshore, you fall short on 3 accounts

Non-disclosure if it’s something that I told ya

Streets is cold but your contracts are way colder

Take all that I owe ya there’s nothing more to unravel

Still sitting on top of the tower of babel

[Verse 3: Laycon]

God body

God flows, got those

God smile, cause God kinda got jokes

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God energy

God chemistry

God doesn’t like sharing me

God jealousy

God in my genes that’s the true religion

God is just, fair, God believes we’re all equal

Jesus take the wheel, God is a passenger

God makes the tables turn, Jesus was the carpenter

Now for the music

God traps like it’s Migos

Now for the winners, winners, God gives you Shiloh

For the redeemers, God gives you the G-O

My enemies are not my fam’

My MFM, I got the fire from the Sallah





Hey, high level, sky heaven

Intelligence is God level (Higher)

High level, now you can’t come close, this is, this is God level (Higher)

This is God level (Higher)

High level (Higher, higher)


Now God doesn’t meddle in affairs of men


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