» » Various - S.O.D.O.M. G.O.M.O.R.R.A. (Metal Scrap Compilation #5)

Various - S.O.D.O.M. G.O.M.O.R.R.A. (Metal Scrap Compilation #5) download free

  • Autor Various
  • Album S.O.D.O.M. & G.O.M.O.R.R.A. (Metal Scrap Compilation #5)
  • Genre Rock
  • Info Label: Metal Scrap Production ‎– 010-1, Metal Scrap Production ‎– 010-2
    Type: 2 x Cassette, Compilation
    Country: Ukraine
    Date of released: 2000
    Category: Rock
    Style: Doom Metal, Death Metal, Gothic Metal, Black Metal, Hardcore
  • Size 1805 mb


Some Original Decisions Of Murder (S.O.D.O.M.)
A1 Dementor In The Name Of God
A2 Night In Gales Bleed Afresh
A3 Tales Of Darknord Preternatural Pleasure
A4 Evthanazia Intro + Overdose
A5 Apeiron Autumn Requiem
A6 Benighted Sky When I Die
A7 Inhumate D.P.B. + Piece Of Meat
A8 The Elysian Fields Elysian Fields
A9 Miscreant Gloom Of The Grave
B1 Scorbut Possession By Death
B2 Psalm The Last Dream
B3 Little Dead Bertha My Naked Ideal
B4 Inquisition Noch Nicht Einmal Gelebt
B5 Funeral Of Soul Ancient World
B6 Apraxia Northern Wind & Black Sky
B7 Sugar Free Into The Deep
B8 Thron Империя Снега и Мхов
B9 Cumdeo The Spring / ...Awakening Of Flowers (instrumental)
B10 Apocryphal A - Pol'ly - On (outro)
Growl Over Moribund Obscure Realm Rise Again (G.O.M.O.R.R.A.)
A1 Disabled Intro: Faith Ablation + Massacred By Slitting
A2 Festerguts On The Bloodsoaked Bridal Bed
A3 Voodoo Apocalypse
A4 Grenouer When Madness Rules
A5 Temple Of Oblivion Fiat Voluntas Tua
A6 Inward Path Antiar
A7 Sieged Mind Ocean (instrumental) + Edge Of Pain
B1 Crypthowl A Dismal Nocturne (Haunting The Family Vault) (instrumental) + Of Seductress In Obsequal Attire
B2 Apocryphal Fucking Belief
B3 Apeiron Cradle Of Winds
B4 Valhalla Lost In The Forest
B5 Paradigma Best Regards
B6 Temptation The Last Temptation
B7 Forgive Me Not Werewolf


Cover sleeves include track listings. And special 32-page booklet includes: track listings, photos, logos, and information about each band.
+ means two songs in one track.
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