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Gruesome Toilet - Hey Dickhole, Dont Eye My Cake download free

  • Autor Gruesome Toilet
  • Album Hey Dickhole, Don't Eye My Cake
  • Genre Electronic, Rock
  • Info Label: Salty Pecker Productions ‎– 003
    Type: Cassette, Limited Edition
    Country: US
    Date of released: 2015
    Category: Electronic, Rock
    Style: Grindcore, Noise
  • Size 1620 mb


A1 Interpersonal Noise Relations
A2 Wiping Is A Waste Of Time
A3 I missed The Bowl And Made A Real Mess
A4 No Noise For The Entire Class!
A5 Aim For The Head And Fucking Destroy It
A6 For The Lameoids (That Means You)
A7 Visually Unappealing
A8 Gruesome Toilet Isn’t A Real Band
A9 But That’s Ok Because You’re Not A Real Person
A10 I Got Your Tapes In The Mail Today (Snooze…)
A11 Huge Dumpster Full Of Gorgonized Dorks Records (Pitch In)
A12 Deformed Infants And Birth Defects Give Me A Boner
A13 Diarrea Explosiva!
A14 Handle Corpse With Care
A15 Send Me A T-shirt (I Want To Support Your Shitty Ass Band)
A16 Instructions: Find Tall Bridge, Get Running Start And Jump As Far As You Can!
B1 Why Don’t You Drop A Few More Names You Self-Important Doucherag
B2 “Sold Out” Actually Means Pushed Off On Your Trade Buddies
B3 Title Left In Storage
B4 Hey Dude, Your Shit Don’t Stink Attitude Is Totally Gay
B5 Everyone Is Boring
B6 No Music Included On This Tape
B7 Thanks Man!
B8 I Brought Soup
B9 Burden Me With Your Problems Bitch (I Really Care)
B10 200 Bullets Dug Out Of Kanye’s Face
B11 Monopolized By Patho-Parasitic Grubbery
B12 New World Odor
B13 Your Band Is My Biggest Source Of Inspiration
B14 Admit It Your Ideas Come From Me
B15 Who, Who, Who And Who?
B16 Completely Illegible Blurry Mass (Is That Your Logo?)
B17 I Eat Therefore I Shit
B18 I Have All Your Albums On Vinyl
B19 Open View Of Your Carcinogen-Expelling Slime Dripping Gaper
B20 Cultural Shift In Your Pubic Hair
B21 Miracle Manure

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